At OnlineAdmin I often manage a client’s emails.  I discuss with the client what email system they have in place, and then we determine the best way for me to gain access to their email. There are many ways this can be handled whether your email programs are online or offline.

A popular choice for managing a client’s email is through online email programs. The most often used program is Google’s Gmail.

I use Gmail and as an example I am going to tell how I access that account for a client. Gmail has the option of giving a virtual assistant administrator access to your Gmail account. You no longer have to provide your log in information and you can both use email at the same time.

To do it this way your virtual assistant must have a Gmail account. If you are using the FREE version of Gmail then your virtual assistant can create an account. After your virtual assistant has created her email account you can give her administrator privileges to manage your email.

Other online email programs may work a little differently and you may have to give your virtual assistant your log in information to access that email. I will explore these other options on another blog post. So please stay tuned. 🙂